Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tomas and Bree Young-Disabled Iraq Veteran

After meeting, hugging and photographing this brave young couple, I went back to my computer to upload the photo in the Camp Casey Universe and sobbed. I just couldn't stop. I guess after 10 days of the love, sadness and intensity of Camp Casey I just couldn't hold back the floodgates of emotion. Tomas was paralyzed from the chest down the same day Casey Sheehan was killed. He was in an unarmored vehicle with no top on it. He said that it must have been like shooting fish in a fishbowl.

Some Favorite Photos from Camp Casey-Revisited

Favorite Images From Camp Casey Revisited

Some of my Favorite Images From Camp Casey-Revisited

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Where I'm From

I miss all of you in Camp Casey...Please drop me a line or a write a comment on the blog to let me know what has been happening since I left yesterday. I can't say I miss the heat in Crawford but it is, after all, an essential ingredient in the magic happening there. Keep up the good fight. I love you all.

Almost Home

We can see this volcano from our window. It blew up once and darkened the skies with ash enough to turn the streetlights on mid-day.

Alaska Gyrl Discovers the Waterfalls

I can't believe I didn't discover this Mini Paradise a long time ago. Apparently lots of folks from Camp have cooled their lids here from time to time during this relentless heat wave. It's about 1 mile from the Peace House and, I'm guessing about 10 miles to Camp Casey 1 and 2.

Veterans For Peace

Every morning the Veterans For Peace meet and strategize about how to stop this war and how to help vets as they recover from
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, bodily injury and all the other disabling conditions precipitated by war.

Young Democrats from Austin

A group of about 20 young Democrats from the University in Austin came down Monday to experience the phenomanon that is Camp Casey. These 2 students from the group told me about their vigilance and determination to register as many voters as possible prior to most recent presidential election. We are in able hands with these young people on board with us!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Over & Out For a Short Time

Pink Flower Child

Friendly Local Police

The orange barriers that you see in the background of this pic block the road to the Bush Ranch...Just to the left and in the foreground is our camp so you can get a sense of how close we are to Criminal Bush. These fellows are very friendly. I think they realize that we wouldn't hurt a fly. Our mission is peace. It seems that all the scuffles over the last 3 intense days with all the pro-war types herding in, has been with Bush supporters

Rose Ceremony-Sunday

Linda, a volunteer from the Peace Houses, Jeff, Cindy, Beatriz, entering Arlington West to begin taps last night.

Alaska Gyrl w Brad on the Brad Blog

Update-Monday am

Thank god for wireless out here in the middle of nowhere but it is VERY slow and frustrating in camp. Right now i am in a hotel room about 10 miles from Camp Casey showering and sitting in the air conditioning to re-group before my 2 day odyssey (with plane changes etc )back to Alaska....and of course blogging to all of you with speedy wireless.

I can't express to you how much your comments and support for all of us out here in the trenches means to us. We feel the love flowing all over Camp Casey. I'm so happy to have learned about this blogging tool from a friend here at camp about 9 days ago. What an amazing thing. Screw the main stream media...who needs them. The oftentimes arrogance of the ms media is sickening here at the camp...their profiling of types to interview is transparent and repugnant despite our urging them to interview and represent the truly diverse and fascinating cross-section of folks here at Camp Casey. Meanwhile I huddle in my humble corner of the Camp Casey Universe and blog away to all of you about the truth and magic happening who will really make the difference.


i love you all.......Alaska Gyrl

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Martin Sheen and Kathleen, Peace Activist

Kathleen Rumpf is a peace activistist from Syracuse. She did a year in prison for protesting the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia. She and Martin go back 23 years ago when he learned about Kathleens work with the homeless. He's passionate about issues regarding poverty and homelessness and he's active in the peace movement.

Some of the Women that Help Run Camp Casey

Everything here is volunteer..from patrolling the road out front, to driving shuttles back and forth between the 2 camps and the Peace House, to fixing all the volumes of food we supply to weekend supporters and all of us, to arranging all the music, to getting food in and kept cold etc etc's mind boggling. Thank you awesome peace babes!!

Tomas, Bree, Jeff Key

Wedding Today

Today, on top of everything else, Geniveve and Peter got married. It was really fun. She is an amazing slam poet. She's been entertaining us all week with her outrageous poetry.

Some Homer Alaska Banners at Camp Casey

The banner in the back was made by 2 teenage sisters from my town in Alaska. They were very excited to send it along with me to Camp Casey. Carly, the older of the 2 is a Dylan fan and remembered this line from "Blowin in the Wind". She really wanted to send this message to Mr Bush. She really hopes that Cindy will find time to sign it for her because she admires her courage. So far Cindy's been too busy.

Evening at Camp Casey-Sunday Night

The evening light blew my mind with all the roses....whew. One more magic moment and I might implode!

Evening Taps

Disabled Iraq Vet, Gold Star Families, Martin Sheen, Cindy, Marine Vet Jeff Key playing taps tonite. Awesome as usual.

Disabled Iraq Vet & His Wife on their Honeymoon

Tomas and Bree Young came to stand vigil with us here at Camp Casey. They are on their honeymoon. They are my son's age.
He was shot the same day as Casey Sheehan in Iraq. Tomas is paralyzed from the chest down. Because of his disability from his injuries sustained in Iraq he is unable to cool himself naturally so he has to be iced down from time to time. Tomas and Bree have some questions for Bush.

The President of the US arrived

Martin Sheen arrived a few minutes ago. He told us about in old folk culture people stood vigil outside a person's house until they would come out to talk....He said he is honored to stand vigil with us.

Rabbi & the Imam

The Burns Sisters

Juan & Patty Consoling each other over lost children-Sharing Grief

Just Another Day in Church in Camp Casey...Hold onto your Hat!

Family in Alaska Gyrl's Banner Installation

Another amazing photo by Patty Register!

WW2 Veteran

There is such a cross-section of people here at Camp Casey

Dubya's Church & the Cops

Over at camp 1

Saturday, August 27, 2005


These people lost their son in Iraq and were overcome with grief during the bell-ringing for the troops

Father Mulligan


Marine- Jeff Key and Isaac ("CNN correspondent")

Feel Their Pain, Mr. President

Joan Brings the PEOPLE to their feet


Update- Saturday about 3pm

This tent is rockin......1200 folks and more over at camp 1 ...lotsa pro-war folks showing up at camp 1. So far so good here.
busloads are arriving of peace folks from Austin/ Dallas etc. termperature is 105 in tent...people are fanning, drinking gobs of H2o ...everone is helping each other

Russell Means and his beutiful wife Pearl are up on stage...he's talkin about the power of matriarchal cultures and pearl agrees that wwhen a bunch of women get together amazing things happen....Joan is just stepping up to mike...bringing the house down withe her night-in-gale voice, It's impossible to take a bad pic at that woman...bitch...(that's a good thing) We ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH, JOAN...MORE SOON


Russell Means, Pearl Means and Alaska Gyrl