Monday, August 29, 2005

Alaska Gyrl w Brad on the Brad Blog


At 9:20 AM, Blogger patty4peace said...

You go girl!!!!....I got home to raging waves and high tides..but no real danger on the Bolivar peninsula. I miss Camp Casey already. I will probably be seeing you at some "event" in the future.
You should have seen that jerk that owns the Yellow Rose in Crawford...they showed an interview with him on Democracy Now this a.m. When asked how he felt about Al Sharpton coming Sunday, he made some statement that basically inferred that most black people were on welfare. This guy is a big "Bush Buddy". What a moron. (bet he can't spell it though) ha

Love the new postings and pictures.

Patty R....

At 1:27 PM, Blogger wadeohkane said...

To the President of the United States:

Your plans for Iraq are fatally flawed. Many years ago, a president and his advisors decided that we were in a war that we could not win and they needed an exit strategy. That was on 4 April 1968, and as far as I can see if we had just started pulling our troops out the next day the long term result would have been the same, except a lot less precious American blood would have been spilled. Certainly my friends in Company A, 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion of the 1st Air Cav would not have died in the A Shau Valley on 19 April 1968. But leaders like you were so wise that another stupid useless air assault was made into the A Shau Valley a year later, and this battle culminated at what is now known as "Hamburger Hill.” The final disengagement of American Forces from Vietnam did not occur for seven years and 26 days after LBJ's meeting. Lots of good young men and women died for naught during those seven years.

Iraq is not different from Vietnam; it is just another one of our seemingly endless overseas military misadventures. George Washington was right: we should avoid entangling treaties and alliances. If people wish to live in a country that has freedom and democracy, either they need to create that environment in their own country as we did, or they need to emigrate here.

Twenty years after our final withdrawal, Vietnam had become a trading partner of ours. As a combat vet of that war for a long time I felt bad that we "lost". Now those brave troops of the North Vietnamese Army who carried ammo on their backs down the Ho Chi Minh Trail (and through the A Shau Valley) must surely feel more of a defeat. Instead of seeing their grand children living in a "workers paradise", they see them working for WAGES in Nike shoe factories. Economic trade is the method by which we should try to change the world, not by force of arms.

Mao said, "Political power comes out of the end of a gun.” Dictatorships may be forced at gunpoint, but Democracy must spring from the will of the people. At the end of WWII, we could have allowed the Vietnamese who fought WITH us to have their own nation rather than revert to being a French Colony. Like us, they were, and of right ought to be, FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES; they should have been absolved from all allegiance to the French Government, and all political connection between them and the State of France should have been totally dissolved; and that as free and independent states, they should have had full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent states may of right do.

But instead, we allowed the French (who gave up our downed pilots to the Japanese for execution) to make Vietnam a colony once more, setting in motion the events that would suck us into the abyss of the Vietnam War.

"When will they ever learn.”

Support our Troops; bring ALL of our overseas troops home NOW!

SP/5 Wade O'Hara Kane
Company A, 228th AVN BN (ASH)
1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)
June 1967-June 1968
Door gunner on 64-13137 Aug 1967 to Nov 1967
Crewchief on 64-13140 Nov 1967 to June 1968
Occassional Ramp gunner various Company A Chinooks
I actively participated in supporting the Cav's 3rd Brigade fall of '67 in the Que Son Valley & LZ Leslie,
Tet of '68, The Battle for Hue, Flying ammo into the Citadel in Hue, The Relief of Khe Sahn, and finally, The April 1968 A Shau Valley Campaign.


Wade Kane (AKANG SMSgt ret)
406 South Prospect Street
Crescent City

At 1:39 PM, Blogger bruce blue jeans said...

yesterday someone said baby bush was on his ranch in his rabbit hole. i blogged back with, is that like saddoms rat hole.

could you get a photo of a rabbit hole and put it on your page. with or without a small toy size look alike baby bush figure placed inside. that would bring me to laughter during this dismal time.

brad should be able to go live video-cam, via internet web. check into that if he is interested.

i have entered video cameras across the country and see a good streaming video through some cameras such as with some department of transportation and various other groups that have a camera on the web. i haven't checked crawford but if there is some weather station etc. camera hanging on a wall then i should be able to bring it up legally. if it is on the web.

bruce blue jeans
electrician standing by
portland, or.

p.s. during the anthrax murders, there was a TV news article, showing someone holding a vile of supposibly anthrax. do you have knowledge of whoom that was, it might have been chaney or rumsfeld. could you get a photo of that and post it.

At 5:14 PM, Blogger shuttle cheryl said...

I believe you are referring to Colin Powell in his infamous presentation to the UN before this holy war publicly began.


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