Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pro-War Demonstrators

This group of demostrators is situated across a wide part in the road to Camp Casey.
Today they were blaring hate-monger Sean Hannity on Fox Radio.


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Harald said...

Is this prowar protester really still oblivious to the fact that 911 was orcestrated by the AMERICAN government?
Does he not know any of the facts that surround the 911 farce?
Does he not know that the WTCs were never struck by commercial aircraft as the government claims?
Does he not know that after the "Plane " crashes the towers were pulled , and all evidence removed before any investigation could be launched?
Is this person really stupid enough to believe in the hoax surrounding 911 the WTCs and the pentagon?
Well then i really feel sorry for the ignorant and oblivious life this person leads.
Anyone that still believes in the lies and deceptions of the bush government should be educated, and brought to justice with bush.
For insight into the hoax about 911 read all the proof on Apfn and on rense.com ,and then see if bush with his meager mind can still deceive an entire nation .
thank you

At 7:53 AM, Blogger R Paul said...

Have I forgotten?

No. I haven't.

A very close friend of mine died when the first plane hit WTC Tower #1. He was on the 95th floor. He most likely died instantly. I pray that he died instantly and never knew what horror was happening.

Who was he? He was my Muslim friend, my brother in Islam, Muhammed Shajahan, a native of Bangla Desh, the father of four very young children, the oldest of whom was my son's age (9 at that time.)

I don't understand the linking of 9/11 with enabling the US government to terrorize and torture Muslims. It doesn't "click" with me. Who understands that it is virtually impossible for US citizens to send money to ANY Muslim charitable organization ANYWHERE in the world? They have all been labelled "terrorist" organizations and the cash has been frozen, (or stolen.)

Does that sound logical? Only if you believe that there is a concerted effort to harm/insult/discredit Muslims around the world and to forestall any grief/solidarity/outrage about what the US has been doing in Afghanistand and Iraq.

The subject is MOOT. It doesn't even pay to mention it. It brands the person mentioning it "suspect" and "terrorist leaning." It is a very shrewd piece of propaganda.

Do you remember the protests against Israeli agression in Palestine? They are all history now. And Iraqis who have died or who are living in misery just because they live in Iraq, not because of any beliefs they might have? They ought to be "thankful" and if they aren't, screw them.

But I believe that in the end all will be right and just. If not, we will lose our souls as American People who sit back and justify aggression and hatred against people just to steal their oil. This is our moment of truth.


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