Saturday, August 27, 2005

Update- Saturday about 3pm

This tent is rockin......1200 folks and more over at camp 1 ...lotsa pro-war folks showing up at camp 1. So far so good here.
busloads are arriving of peace folks from Austin/ Dallas etc. termperature is 105 in tent...people are fanning, drinking gobs of H2o ...everone is helping each other

Russell Means and his beutiful wife Pearl are up on stage...he's talkin about the power of matriarchal cultures and pearl agrees that wwhen a bunch of women get together amazing things happen....Joan is just stepping up to mike...bringing the house down withe her night-in-gale voice, It's impossible to take a bad pic at that woman...bitch...(that's a good thing) We ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH, JOAN...MORE SOON



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